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It just make me want to cry
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Today I was up at my friend/mechanics shop and I finally got him to get me a price to do my electronic module. He found the relocation kit off another car (five finger discount at the JY). So since I know that I need the REAL ford module so he called up the dealer where he gets a discount. When he told me the price I almost fell out. They told him that the module would be $180 dollars and it has to be special order as well. He even had to re-ask to make sure that they understood what he asked for and they said the TC's module is a special one thats why its more expensive than most Ford modules. What the f**k is wrong with this picture? Is the module really that price or are they price gouging? Also whats so special about it as well?

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You might want to take a look at the link below.

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and don't forget the 5% off discount code in the "part number" section.
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In my opinion you can't really go wrong with NAPA parts. A lot of there parts are made by the companies that made parts for Ford. I have had 100% statisfaction with there parts. The relocation kit is the best thing. Heat is what causes the failures.
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