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Is this rear window trim good or bad?????
Viper7 Offline
I just got my new rear window trim that is suppose to be NOS. I noticed that a piece about 2" long is deformed. This could be due to storage but I am wondering if it will go back to the original shape?

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i think it should work itself out with heat from the sun and being stretched out. if not, you might try a heat gun with caution.
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turbird77 Offline
I'd say bad considering he sold it to you as NOS. Looks like someone bent the piece to save space during storage. If it where metal then a good trim repair person could probably get that back out 95%, where it would be barely noticeable. Being rubber though, there is no chance that it will ever be NOS quality again. A heat gun will permanently damage a piece of rubber that thin, it will never be right again afterward. I'd be sending that back, and contacting Paypal for a forced refund right about now.
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