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Is this possible?
It seems as though this oil leak of mine has eluded me once again. Today, I checked the oil pressure sending unit and the supply line for the turbo. Completely dry.

I suppose it could be the oil cooler seal but one thing is really bothering me. It SEEMS like it leaks alot more oil if I really drive the car hard. When I shift at say 3500 to 4000 rpms (even if I've had it floored and the turbo is making max boost) it doesn't seem to leak at all. There are no drips coming from anywhere. But if I really get on it, it will make a little oil puddle. Am I scaring my TC [Image: smile.gif].

Is it possible that the oil leak would get worse and better depending on how I drive? I feel like a moron for even asking such a question but I wouldn't be asking if I hadn't seen these symptoms with my very own eyes.

Any help? Thanks all.

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Once an oil leak starts, it does not go away on it's own. From you description it may be that your PCV valve is bad (located behind the distributor) and is allowing boost into the crankcase which likely caused the leak in the first place. Take the valve out of the hoses and try to blow through the small end a few times. If you can blow any air at all through it it is bad. Use ONLY the Ford part.
Some auto supply places do not stock the right part even though they think it is. BTDT, got the leak to prove it. Also make sure the two hoses the valve connect to are open. Your leak is probably somewhere around the oil pan. If it was the pcv valve, then getting a good one may slow the leak down when boosting but it will not stop entirely.

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I've taken the pcv valve out and it is ok. I didn't check the hoses though to see if they are blocked. I'll do that.

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Ronny C As the engines turn a higher rpm so does the oil pressure increase. This is the very thing I chased with a customers 3.8 Bird. Had the oil sending unit out 3 times looked at it and put it back in. 4th time I replaced it leak gone. $4.85 oversight
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