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Is This A Good Deal?
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Is this a T3 that would work on my 88 TC?
88 T-Bird pretty much all STOCK! (dont have much money to put in her)

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{I dont know who else may reply but... here it goes.... Take this with a grain of salt}

The answer is a possibly. The seller says there is no shaft play.... Looking at the hot/cold sides, I cant tell from the pictures if the edges are clean or not. It kinda looks like they have hit something, or they are fairly dirty.

If it needs work to rebuild.... IMHO the price it is already at makes it a crapshoot. I believe that you could come up with one from the guys/gals here with an honest assessment faults at not much higher of a price.

So, do you feel lucky ? Do You ?

In order to have it work, there are some mods that are required. There are 10000 posts on how-to, plus most likely a FAQ.
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Looks like it's in pretty good shape. Ask the seller some more detailed questions, and/or request some more detailed pix.

And yup, it'll bolt up just fine.

A couple hoses will need to be rearranged, but that's a cakewalk.


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