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Is there a way?
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Finally back to my T-Bird. Last I was here was about 5+ years ago. Took the engine out of the Bird (leaking oil and a hum from the clutch plate). Clutch plate was on backwards and valve cover gasket was none existent. Got all new gaskets, cleaned up the motor and re-assembled engine. Son was born 2 days later on the day I was planing on putting it all back together. Now he can be outside and I don't need to keep an eye on him every second so I got the motor back into the vehicle and transmission attached. Forgot the dipstick line.

Is it possible to get the dipstick down to the proper place without pulling the intake manifold or engine or do I need to removed the intake?
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Should be, just poke it down from the top. On mine the dipstick tube bolts to the intake. The dipstick tube meets the block is also a common place for pretty good oil leaks, so suggest sealing it with black RTV or something.
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Yup, I had a leak at the dipstick tube to block junction. Blasted it real good with brake cleaner and scrubbed it clean. Applied a good thick layer RTV Ultra Black. Been 100% leak free for many years.
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