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Is there a simple route to 400 h.p.?
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Is there a simple route to 400 h.p. with the TC 2.3 without having to do a bunch of internal work? From what I read, it seems these motors respond really well without having to make major internal mods. Is it simple enought to bolt on parts to get there and make it streetable at the same time?
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Good question... Not the easiest answer...

400hp to the ground or the flywheel?

U can look at the mods for the top 25 fastestTC..

The bottom is pretty strong...400rwhp can be done with the stock block, crank, rods, pistons.

If cost isn't a big concern...get a great head, cam, big turbo, front mount IC, fuel system, engine management, race fuel or E85...go to town. Then try to keep trannies in it. The heavy nature of the TC won't help.

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P.S. is the 2.3t performance website
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This is your answer, done by Joe Morgan, but it still involves head work and a cam. You're going to have to spray, though.

I suggest focusing on torque with a heavy TC. The bottom end will take the power, but not rpm. The rods are the weak link since they have built in piston/cyl wall sprayers. That hole that squirts oil upward is a stress riser that leads to failure when you increase rpm. However, it was a great idea by Ford since it sprays on the thrust wall and also cools the bottom of the pistson. Also, stock rod bolts could be upgraded.
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