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Is My car Too Old to Be Goin Fast?
Hey again everyone!
Got a quick question. I have an '87 Turbo Coupe, and it has 128,000 miles on it. The first 100,000 miles were pampered, then the kid I bought it from drove it really hard for about 25,000, but still maintained it properly, and kept it in great condition. Here in Nevada, We have a race every year called the Silver State Classic, and I was thinkin of entering my T-Bird, and representin Tongue Is my car too old to be modifying? Its 100% stock right now. I kinda wanna get my car between 220 and 250 horses at the rear wheels before the race if possible. Any advice is much appreciated!!

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Do what you want - no one can answer weather or not you should race - or mod - or spend money on what you like to do. If your car is your passion - then go with it - if you want others to think you are cool - don't waste your time or money....

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I've got 214,000 miles on my 87 TC! The engine has never been rebuilt. I'm running 18 PSI of boost, K&N in the finder, 3" downpipe, no cat and 21/2" duals with Dynomax super turbo muff's.
It had 145,000 when I bought it and it was all stock like yours.
I wish I could tell you what HP I've got, but there aren't any track/dyno's that close to me.
To answer your question, your car isn't to old. If you want to do it, do it.
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As for the motor, it is just getting broken in at 128K miles. I would be willing to bet you can crank up the boost with no ill effects. Get a low restriction exhaust and intake, crank up the boost to 18 or 19, and you will get the HP you want. If the fuel pump is original, oyu may want to get a higher output pump to keep up with the increased fuel demands.

Before you go driving 100+ mph, give the suspension a good going over. By the mid 100K mile range, there is a good chance the ball joints are worn, as well as the tie rod ends. Dont forget all the rubber bushings are 14 years old, and may be half rotted. Wheel and axle bearings may be on their way out too. You wouldnt want to be rounding a curve at 95 mph and have a ball joint let go on you.

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I say go for it. A TC would be a great choice for a top speed oriented race like the Silver State. The mileage wouldn't concern me too much either, but I agree that you should definately check the suspension out thoroughly before anything else. With the K&N, a better exhaust and a little more boost it should be a really fun car. Make sure you have some speed rated tires on it too [Image: smile.gif]
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My original motor had 250k miles. It still ran when I pulled it, just a blown head gasket. These things last forever. Take care of it and for sure do the suspension! Mod the car like you mentioned, you'll be capable of delving into a speed category seen usually only by italian exotics and slow aircraft. Mine's been up over 170 personally and theres plenty of people's on the board who's can hit that fast or close too it. God help me if I ever can manage to get a *real* turbo.

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The only thing that gets to old with a turbo coupe are the owners of turbo coupes.

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