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Is 50 dollars worth this
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I have a chance to pick up a turbo from an 83TC and the whole the whole top end of the motor for 50 dollars. What kind of turbo is that anyways.

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If the turbo is good, it's a great deal. If the head isn't cracked, it's an even better deal. The turbo should be a non-water cooled Garret T3.


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The turbo is good and the head isn't cracked. They are in great shape.

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Give ya $75.00 just kidding ,Hell yeah its a good deal if ya dont want it let us know
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How do you know they are good? Has the head been magnifluxed, pressure checked. Has the turbo shaft at least been checked for end and side play? If the parts are truely good it's a great buy. If they aren't good you got some real expensive door stops.

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