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is $1,500 too much for a 87?
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Found a for sale at a local bulleton board, Advertised as $1,500 for a 87 TC, paint bad but engine good. Havn't seen it but bad paint in the high desert is normal. If I get time to look at it I will but I need to finish my 83 before looking farther. If anyone wants to inquire the posted number is 760 799 9792. If you want me to take a look for you let me know. Usually CA cars are OK on rust but worn out from high milage. There's a couple of guys in town that each have a stable of SVO's or TC's that might grab it but I doubt it. The TC guy was just given a free 88 TC roller, no engine or tran, for free. So why am I putting so much money in my 83?
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Depends on a lot of things. You aren't giving us much info.
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I bought an 87 with 172,000 miles for $1500. I needed an exhaust and suspension, but overall a good value. If the inside is in good shape and it runs really good, then its a deal. You can always repaint it.
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I bought my '88 for $1,200 with 87K on the clock.

It had a broken A/C, broken heater core, and the seats were very sun faded. Other than that, I drove it from Virginia where I bought it to Georgia. I found misc goodies in the trunk such as new belts, Ford heater core, a brand new "turbo" shift knob, etc.
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IMHO, it sounds kinda steep for this area. I know you're down south but, in the Bay Area they're all over for under $800! These are the last 3 I bought - $500 each.

This is the latest. '88 5-spd, runs good, straight body, very good paint, so-so interior............

Bought this last August for a friend in Oregon, '87 Auto ran good but needed a tranny, straight body, excellent paint, very good interior..........................

Bought this 2 years ago, '87 5-spd ran great, straight body, peeling clear, thrashed interior, drove it 200 miles before I stripped it and used most of the parts on another project then sold the rest for $1000+..........................
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I paid $275 for my TC a couple years ago with the it needing a paint job, distributor, emergency brake cables. I drove it from MI to Chicago, IL and it now has 214K and the intererior looks like new with the usual sun fading on the top of the back seat and the cracked dash. The car is my daily driver but will need a paint job n bit or rust repair in the rear quarters
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Unfortunatly they no longer seem to show up at the auctions... Three or four years ago I was getting decent '87-'88 TCs for $400-$600, roughies $150-$250... In '97 I paid my auction buddy $1215 for my white TC(and he made $200). The red one(also in my sig), I got for $430 in '01... It needs a passenger fender, but is a very clean 116K mi, 5 speed. Currently it resides in the back of my garage...
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They seem to be abundant in CA, here they are getting more and more rare. I got mine for 1400 with rough paint and a nice interior. Ran real well for a long time but the rings went south. If I were you I would wait for the asking price to go down or wait for a better deal. 83 was the first year and seems to be a rare year TC, thats probably why it is sucking your wallet clean lol.
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On the other side I just bid on and didn't win this car ...yes I'm still bitter.
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