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IRCM Schematic & Parts List
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IRCM Schematic & Parts List


This is the schematic of the 87/88 TC IRCM, as traced from the printed circuit board. The circuit all makes sense so I believe that this is 100% correct. In addition to the Jpeg image above, the schematic has also been included as an Adobe PDF file, and may be downloaded by visiting this link:
.pdf   ircm.pdf (Size: 58.1 KB / Downloads: 290) . The PDF has better resolution and will also print better.

R1 2.211K, 1/4W precision resistor
R2 Zero ohm jumper
R3 130K, 1/4W precision resistor
R4 31.5K, 1/4W precision resistor
R5 1K, 1/4W resistor
R6 62 ohm, 5W resistor
R7 1.5K, 1/4W resistor
R8 -none-
R9 68.2K, 1/4W resistor
R10 1.5K, 1/4W resistor
R11 100K, 1/4W resistor
R12 4.7K, 1/4W resistor
R13 -none-
R14 4.7K, 1/4W resistor

C1 0.01uF, 50V chip capacitor*
C2 -none-
C3 1uF, 63 volt electrolytic capacitor
C4 47uF, 10 volt electrolytic capacitor
C5 0.01uF, 50V chip capacitor*
* The operation voltage has be estimated from the circuit it is used in. Higher voltage capacitors may be subsituted without problems,

D1 *
D2 *
D3 -none-
D4 *
D5 *
*Diode requirements have been estimated from the circuitry. 1N4003 should work in all cases without problems.

Q1 *
Q2 *
Q3 Have yet been unable to determine parameters
Q4 *
Q5 *
Q6 *
* 2N2222A or similar transistors should function well in all these locations. The transistors in the IRCM use a part number that is completely unfamiliar.

Relays are all SPST with 40 amp comtacts, 12 V coils. Bosch number on relay is 0 332 014 162.

A R T I C L E   L I N K S

IRCM Overview
Disassembly & Reassembly
Theory of Operation

Article text, drawings and photos © 2004 by D. Joseph Frazier and
Rustec Applied Technologies; All Rights Reserved.

Please note that while I've been as careful as possible with this article,
it may contain mistakes. I assume no liability whatsoever for any
detrimental effects using this information may cause to you or your vehicle.
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