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iphone or android
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which brand do you like iphone or android?

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Android,,to me they are easy to understand them
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(05-11-2021, 06:33 AM)Jaders Wrote: which brand do you like iphone or android?

iPhone has some definite advantages being that its Apple and a simple $2 per month gives you all kinds of backup options.  Also the apps you get in the appstore all pass a rigorous background check since you have to be authorized by Apple to publish to the Appstore.  

Android as well has it's own advantages.  You can find tons of apps that are free and can do a number of things.  

Both offer options for locking/tracking your device so that's a wash.

Google drive offers the same thing as iCloud.

From that it's appearance and functionality.  I prefer Maps instead of Google maps but others make think the opposite.
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android as there's way more flexibility and options.

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