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interior color 88 t-bird Help
Jackie Reinhart Offline
I have the interior and exterior codes but need to know exactly what the colors are called.
My Exterior is #26 which is Brt Red Met.
My Interior is #63 D, can ANYONE tell me how to find out what the name of that color is. I have searched everywhere and cannot find anything.
Jackie Reinhart

Pete D Offline
Did you get these codes off the sticker on the driver's side door jam?

The following was gathered from sales literature and Specification Book for the 1988 model years.

The name for your interior color is "Scarlet Red" and the code is "D". However that "D" has nothing to do with the 63D in your post. There is a second letter under the box "INT. TRIM" and it will indicated leather or cloth and the seat type. "B" is " B/cloth - articulated and "F" is Leather - articulated

"63D" relates to the "Body Code" = "Thunderbird". All Thunderbird's for 1988 were 63D.

Your exterior paint name is probably Medium Red Clearcoat Metallic (from 1988 Thunderbird sales brochure, pgs. 11 & 21.) I can't find this code but you can find it on the sticker on the driver's side door jam near the latch post. Look near the bottom of the sticker where it says "EXTERIOR PAINT CODE" then look right above that for a 2 digit code like 1J or 8R or 31. Please post it because I would like to know

Note: Paint code 26 is for "Bright Red Hi Solid". I believe this is the fire engine red which is not a metallic. I did see this paint color show up as code 21 on the window sticker of a "Mach 1" model 88 TC.
Pete Dunham


'85T-BirdTurboCoupe Offline
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According to my "standard catalog of Thunderbird", paint code #26 is Medium Red Clearcoat Metallic. The interior letters could also be HD for standard T-bird split-bench cloth, KD for LX T-bird split-bench luxury cloth, or LD for LX T-bird split-bench leather, all in Scarlet Red.
Hopefully this helps?!
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