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I am a rookie 'Poster' who is interested in learning how 5.0 TurboCoupe conversions are 'received' in a forum type of website like NATO, which seems dedicated to factory 2.3 equipped TurboCoupes. My thoughts are that the people who frequent this site would be the most qualified to appreciate the quality of a car that I may list in the classified ads, as they have the experience to compare it with other TurboCoupes that they have known or have seen listed here. So, anybodys thoughts or input on this subject would be appreciated by me. Thank you!

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Looks nice to me. I almost put a 460 in mine. It is more or less person to person. If you destroy a perfect orginal TC? who knows. email me bout your car.
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Nice looking car, particularly if the mileage is correct. But as far as TurboCoupes go, it's little different than stripping the drivetrain to put in a Mustang, Fairmont, or Pinto.

With a 5.0, it's not a TurboCoupe. Even if the 5.0 is turbo charged.
Robert Camp
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A turbo-charged 5.0 TC. Now we're talking. I think I now have my next modification!

Of course, that is after I buy a hybrid to save on the gas I'd be dumping into the thing.

Robert, it would still be a TurboCoupe, just with 4 more cylinders. Who knows, maybe a twin-turbo setup with T3's to make it more "original."

I really like the car TurboCoupe 5.0. Someone will want it.
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Im somewhat of a purist when it comes to TC's. Everywhere you look people are ripping perfectly good TC's apart for mustang swaps.

I must say Im pretty sad to see such a low mileage car with the 'wrong' motor. That car would be so much more valueable (at least to me) with the original engine.
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Well, you asked, so.... personally, I am a street rodder, so I love modifications if they "improve" a car. I improved my 34 Ford by putting a Mustang 5.0 in it. However, if your car really is that low mile, why would you put a 5.0 in it? Why not just buy a 5.0 bird and put TC trim on it? I love TCs and I love 5.0's, I just don't think that swap was an improvement. It appears the car is gorgeous and I'm sure you will get a lot of money for it. I'm just agreeing with bhazard in that it would have been worth even more money with the original 2.3t in it in that condition. My $.02 worth.
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Beautiful car, Lets see the 302. When was it built? What is the history? You can always tell original paint by the black inserts in the finger grooves on the front bumper.
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I remember seeing this car listed on Ebay about a year ago and it didn't sell. But it had lots of pictures posted. It looks absolutely fantastic ! I would love to have it because it is unique. I'm sure an original in this condition would demand more money, and it should, but this is an exceptionally well done car.
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I also remember seeing it on E-Bay.It had good pics to look at.I think beer shot out of my nose when I saw the Buy it now price.Nice looking car,lame swap.
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WOW! That car is beautiful!

Quote:Originally posted by FLSTCI71:
I love modifications if they "improve" a car.
Well said. A stock 5.0 is no improvement in my book. A turbocharged dart block 5.0 would be an improvement. I really don't have issues with others doing what they want to there own car. Alot of times it makes me wonder what the hell they were thinking, or drinking/smoking.
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