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Intercooler question
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I know the intercooler is a very important part of a turbo engine. I've been searching through the message boards about them and a question came to my mind: I'm planning on going either with a t3 turbo or a t3/t4 hybrid turbo later on. Witch intercooler would be better? A powerstroke intercooler, or a TC intercooler that's been converted to air/water cooling with a a 3" outlet and a slip on style nipple for BPV?
And witch ever one is better, who sells them and how much?
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The air/water intercooler is the best for track use. I prefer air/air for street use. The powerstroke cooler is too much work. Trust me, I know. The Buick GN cooler is a very good air/air cooler that will support big HP. It can also be mounted withjout having to rotate the upper intake and the piping will still be fairly short(not that it makes any difference).

current mods: ported & polished big valve head(1.89/1.59), ranger roller, custom upper and ported lower intakes, t3/t4 turbo, powerstroke intercooler mounted full size, 60mm throttle body, R.C. Engineering 42lb. injectors, MSD 6al, MSD Launch Control, MSD 8.5mm wires, K&N filter, Walboro 255HP pump, Kirban adj. fuel reg., ATR header, full 3" exhaust with Dynomax Ultraflow muffler, Star stage III clutch, Hallman boost controller, Flex-a-lite adj. temp switch for stock fans, Weld Draglites with M/T ET Street 26x11.5/15

Coming very soon(ordered and on the way) SDS, 73pph injectors, custom roller cam
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