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interchangeable fox body parts
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What year? 86 and older share alot of front suspension with the fox body stangs, 87/88 use the same lower A-arms as the SN-95 cars different ball joint. Sway bars interchange between 79-04 mustangs and all birds 83-88.
You should not use rear control arms from a stang in a bird, it will only make the poorly designed four-link even worse, by introducing more bind and out of wack pinion angle depending on what combination of arms you use.
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its at the top of the webpage
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sn95 mustang front control arms (not same ball joints however), sn95 struts, sn95 shocks (must use chuck w shock adapters, most any mustang rear sway bar (ours are just as thick as 99% of the aftermarket stuff) 4 cylinder mustang springs (lower your car about an inch but give your car a floaty feeling from what I've read) mustang tail pipes (must be lengthened though) sn95 mustang cobra front air dam (must be trimmed to fit) best electric fans are from lincolns. They are 2 speed. I forget what year. SHO fans fit nicely too and are slimmer. I have mine on low speed and it never overheats in the hotest of summer days. Im sure im leaving some stuff out but that's off the top of my head.
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Quote:Originally posted by bang4thebuck:
best electric fans are from lincolns. They are 2 speed.
The Lincoln fans are one speed. Tbird/Cougar, 94-97, are the same shroud with a two speed fan motor. The single speed fans have a white plug and the two speed fans have a black plug. The Lincoln Mk VIII fans have 3 prongs leading you to believe they are two speed, but the OEM motors are just shunted and operate at the same speed on both pins. The shrouds fit over a large part of the TC radiator and do an excellent job of moving air over the radiator.
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what do you do for the balljoints since they are diff. and what do you do for the sn95 strut chuck adapters? and what do you recommend me get for struts for an sn95. I do have an 87 5.0 sport. i am about to get shocks and struts for it, and i want a slight forward rake to it. i talked to kyb and they said they only have their version of stock replacement struts for my car. i need something stiffer than that. also caster cambers????

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You can buy 1983-1988 specific lower rear control arms at Maximum Motorsports
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I had an 88 bird w a 347 stroker in it and all kinds of aftermarket goodies,,, if you have any specific q's u can pm me,,,, there's a lot that can interchange and be made to fit!
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