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Integrated Controller Module
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Trying to find where this is located?  Is this on the right front fender near the strut?

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Rectangular black box roughly around 6" x 6" x 2" with a 30 pin electrical connector mounted via a bracket to the front of the pass side strut tower. The BARO sensor is mounted on opposite side of the the same bracket.
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Thanks for your help. Apparently that box contains the fuel pump relay and relays for the cooling fans etc. I checked the inertia switch, its good so I'm thinking relay, fuse or ground because the fuel pump is new. According to the electrical trouble shooting guide the fuel pump is grounded at g208. I'm trying to locate that ground. 

2 other things I noticed, parking lights don't work and neither do the brake lights work.  I have to check those fuses as well first.

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