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Just switched from Grundy to Hagerty for my classic insurance.  Grundy was approaching $700 for my 3 cars (TC, Chevelle, Dart) with typical $300K injury/liability and comp/col for the value of each car.  Hagerty came in at $480 for the same or better coverage.  I was just going to let Grundy expire but contacted them about cancelling.  Good thing cause they give you a 30 day grace period which I would've had to pay for if I hadn't cancelled, which was a little involved.  They required written notification of course plus the new policy declaration sheet.  Since Pa requires you to turn in the registration and tags if your insurance laps they need to do this.

Happy Thanksgiving all, time for some peace on earth.

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I love Hagerty, had them on the last Turbo Coupe. When i'm finished with this one, they'll be my first call.
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I've always used JC Taylor for all of my antique insured cars. I currently have 3 cars on my policy, my 60 Galaxie, my 64 Galaxie, and my 88 Turbo Coupe. Total for all three is at $290. I may have to increase my values a bit, but all are above what they are really worth. Might want to check them out as well and they are a PA company as far as I know , from Upper Darby.
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I have had American Modern for years for my Tbird 5.0 and my 88 TC (both significantly modded). They are both insured for a few thousand $$ more than they are really worth.

Only used the insurance twice,,,,,, back in around 2011 my daughter and I were at the Street Machine nationals in southern Illinois when the alternator locked up shredding the serp belt. If course this happened in the middle of nowhere. The 100 miles free towing on a rollback came in handy getting to the nearest Auto Zone (ya, I know, but we were in the middle of nowhere) to get a new alt and serp belt. Once we got the parts we were back on the road in under half an hour. Other time was summer 18, also at the Street Machine Nationals in southern IL. Moron pulling a trailer in the motel parking lot clipped my parked 86 putting a 3" diameter hole in the pass side rear bumper cover, ripping off the stainless steel strip under the pass side til light and scratching the tail light. Insurance was very helpful. Sent them a bunch of pics, and within a few hours came back with a $1300 repair estimate. They sent me a $1300 check within 2 days. Ended up fixing it myself. for $100 in supplies and 8 hours work. Looks good as new, and I made $1200.
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ive been using american collectors for 3 years. 7,500 agreed value at 200/yr.
haggerty i had before was 3,500 agreed at 490/yr.
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I can't recall my exact value, but I'm pretty sure it was between $7,000-8,000 with both hagerty & grundy.

hagerty = $260/yr (used them for 1 year)
grundy = $156/yr (I'm on my 2nd year with them)

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