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Instrument Cluster Revisited!
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I finally got the cluster i shoed you all installed scince my car finally came in. I t works great [Image: smile.gif] but the back lighting idea leaves a little to be desired but i know what i did wrong and am going to fix it. Here is a picture of it installed and a few others of my baby.

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Ive had 5 before this but i dont wana talk about them [Image: frown.gif]
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getting to legaly shoot at (neautralize)Anti American Terroists = PRICELESS and very fun.
I Volunteered to go and they said no. [Image: frown.gif]

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The cluster looks sharp,as does the whole car.
Pete Dunham


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What Pete said. [Image: biggrin.gif] I especially like the colors you used for the cluster labels.

Nice job!

Be Cool,


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Looks real nice.

Now that you have your Bird over there, take it to some landmark areas and get some pictures of them with the car in front of them.
I would love to see a TurboCoupe parked in front of the Tower Bridge or Windsor Castle.


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i just redid my entire cluster as well. i used autometer gauges for for everything except the tach and the speedometer. it came out really nice. i had to cut out circles from the face, cut holes in the white plastic backing, and remove the laminated copper thing in the back to get everything to fit. i used regular wire to reconnect everyhing. it was alot of work but i think it was worth it. unfortunately, i don't have any pictures

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Thats what i plan to do. As far as tower bridge hell no i dont trust teh dumb brits to drive around my car here much less in main london. I am going to Warwrick Castle i a couple weeks i will do it there and i plan to try to get a good shot of stonehenge.
I made my own small guage faces also i just dont have good access to a good printer i can experiment with to get it right. I am putting aftermarket guages in placen of the EQ and a A Pillar Mount.
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One word, cool.


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