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In search of carpet
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Hey guys im a TC ''Newbie'' in search of new carpet for my 88..The carpet isnt bad but i would like to replace when i have the seats recovered..What company do you guys rcommend for carpet?..Also i want to purchase a Gillis valve but dont know which to order?..Do i need the 2 stage or what?? Thanks in advance and being new im sure more questions will
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In regards to the Gillis valve, what do you want to do with the car. If you just want to turn up the boost and leave it, get the Universal valve.

If you want to be able to switch between 2 different boost settings, then get one of Ricks two stage valves. For example, to keep the boost low for everyday driving and then switch to higher boost level for fun. Note, you can not turn the boost level lower than what the waste gate actuator is set for. On the Ford 2.3 turbos, that is about 9.5 psi

On the carpet, I can't recommend a place, (do some searches of past posts) but I caution that not all replacement carpets are the same "plushness" as the original carpet. It pays to make inquires first.
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