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As some could see I've posted a few question on here already, but i'm new to the turbo coupe world. I bought my 87 TC last August for 500 bucks and it was in new condition then. Had to replace the heater core and im still having idle surges even after replacing everything there was to know off NATO Tech articles. People are shocked to see a car as old as this in such great condition and nothing ever been done to it besides a car wash now and then. I'm getting her running and looking great. THe interior is all new looking besides a few small cracks in the dash. The paint still shines but could use a new doo got some fading in some spots. I'm making it a plan real soon to be a member here and am looking forward to bring my car for show real soon. Got some japenese car feans across the street who are interested in me bringing it out to the track for some time trails, but not while i have a loud clanging that sounds like ball bearings in a glass jar every time i accelarate from 1st and second gear. But enough talking about me time to read some more forums thanks for reading this extremely long message. BYE!

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Welcome to the board. sounds like you have a nice ride. Being in Alaska that heater core is kind of essential isn't it? The ball bearing in a glass jar sound could be detonation and that's deadly in a turbo engine. Are you using premium fuel and have you checked the timing with the sprout disconnected? Is your knock sensor connected?

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