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im glad i didnt sell my truck........
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so today started out ok, going great, TC HAS BEEN running awesome.
so let me go back about a 2 weeks, back when the engine first started running.
it has had a funky lil hiccup ever since the engine has been in, not a bad one, just once in a while, nothing bad.
so it was there and went away. so last week i noticed it came back, once in a while, either cruising or accelerating, again not a serious issue.... so i thought.
ok, so then today as it became around 4:45 i go move my car to the front lot of work so we can start closing up, left the car running. we all leave i go maybe 500ft from the shop and it just dies. now i look down see the tach at 0 and think hmm, wonder what that was, and then poof it starts up and keeps going (the car was still in 2nd gear so the engine was still turning just not on it own power). ok weird i think, maybe a loose connection or just my TC being a TC. well i go maybe a mile and then it dies again, i maneuver into a parking lot, luckily across from Meineke (my old work). so i thinking maybe the Dist. gear sheered off. so i go over to Meineke, find my buddy Ed and borrow a long screw driver, run back to the car pop the Dist. cap off and crank, ok the Dist. is turning, good sign, so i think, wel i was getting the code 14 two weeks ago for PIP erratic signal, maybe the PIP went in the Dist.
well luckily as any TC owner you carry spare parts, and i had a Dist in the trunk. so i borrow a few more tools and swap Dist, she runs, so i go back to work (1.5miles down the road). so i switch the PIP into my good Dist and then notice the starter ring is broken off, hm that was it, so i continue put my TFI the was in the car on the Dist. and drop it in, she fires up sweet, so i go home
well after while i though maybe i do the one touch down module install in the TC, so i go outside to do that and let the car idle for heat and such, well about 20mins into it the car dies, and wont restart. so i think Maybe bad TFI. so i have the spare parts in the trunk, just no tools, so back to work i go 7miles to work 7miles back home. now its about 10pm now. so i get back swap out TFI, all good, sweet. back and running, so i continue the One touch install (BTW my window motor draw to much current so it doesn't work right).
but this time i left the car off. well i go to start it up and well. it just crank and cranks, nothing! GREAT! so go back inside and just tinker ont eh computer to find an answer. then about 30mins go by i go back outside to swap of my TFI, and look down and see i left the coil wire off the Dist. whoops, i was getting a lil aggravated then, so what happened before was that i started the car with the TFI just laying against the Dist. i didnt screw it in yet. so i guess reaching my hand down there to screw it back it in must of knocked it off, it runs great now, but still unreliable for this weekend, so bouncy truck ride i have.

well now im glad i have a truck to drive this weekend to Delaware.... I knew it couldn't be True, my TC run for two weeks with out an issue................. maybe one day i'll go three weeks!
Brian Larkin
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Wow, makes me want to stock up my trunk with tools and spare parts.

Hopefully you will get a good solid 3 weeks next time. Good Luck !
Christopher Taylor
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Quote:Originally posted by turbobird63:
Wow, makes me want to stock up my trunk with tools and spare parts.
Ive learned to carry at least a spare intercooler, spare couplers, spare aux. shaft, and a spare distributor.
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Maybe the TC knows what parts you carry as spares.. the more you carry the more that breaks? I haven't carried any spare parts in mine - the only things I've had go bad have been fuel pumps (1 in each TC) and alternators (several in each car - next will be 3G upgrade) and a timing belt.
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