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IHI Water Return Line Replacement
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May have cooked the engine coming back from Carlisle Sat. night. Ran it pegged on hot for about 2 miles thinking it was the usual guage/IVR problem, it wasn't. No coolant. Turns out the metal coolant return line from the turbo rusted through.

Any suggestions on a replacement? This is the one that exits the turbo, runs across the top of the E6 goes under the manifold and attaches to the block with a short piece of the high temp. red hose.
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The pipe is not too hard to figure out. Either bend up a piece or find on from someone on the board.

What I really wanted to tell you was to pull the plugs. I had almost the same thing happen. I blew the hose that goes to the heater core while on the freeway. Did not find out till it "told" me about it. I burned the rings out of the number 2 hole. My spark plug was oil fouling within seconds. Pull the plugs and look for one with oil. I cross my fingers for ya!

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Take the 2 pieces that are left and take them to a brake shop.That's what I had to do because that part is another right off the obsoleted list.The guy that made mine made it out of stainless and charged me only $30.I had to tweak it just a little but it was a nice fit.

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I had mine done by a speed shop while getting the exhaust manifold replaced.I tried steel plumbers putty and all that with nothing but a temp fix with some steam still finding its way through the hood scoupes.
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