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IHI- RHB52 Turbo rebuild?
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Im looking at buying a core IHI Turbo for my 88 turbocoupe.  Someone took the turbo off my car before I bought it, so I don't have one at all. I found a used one that will most defiantely need rebuilding. Guy wants a $100.  Would I be better off just buying another one (LIke a Garrett T3)  or buy the IHI core and have it rebuilt? If so who does good rebuilds cheaply? Estimation on cost?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.   


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The answer is, it depends. What is your goals for the car, go faster, or have a stock daily driver? The IHI stock is a great street turbo and gets spooling super quick, but it lacks in top end power at higher boost compared to a T3. A T3 will bolt in place of your IHI and are definitely more common to find and get rebuild kits for. As far as pricing, hopefully someone else in here can chime in about that.
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Get a .48 T3. Spools almost as fast as the IHI, supports higher boost levels than the IHI, and parts are much cheaper and easier to find for the T3.
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