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Ignition Switch Turns Without Key
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I bought a TC a couple of weeks ago, then went and bought a complete 'parts car' TC out of a junkyard yesterday. The parts car looks a lot worse, but has the potential to be running sooner than the other car I think. Anyways, it had the key in the ignition. I put a battery booster on it, it wouldn't do anything. Went back today and tried the same thing, but I noticed the switch would turn without the key. It never turned the motor over, but it sounded and felt more like it should. Do I just need to replace the switch? I managed to get all the electrical stuff to work and all, just couldn't start it. The switch would turn all the way around, it wouldn't just stop where the start position would be.

Thanks for the help guys... I searched before posting, I don't think anyone else had already covered this though I did do a lot of reading on the switches.

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Any help guys? I think I'm going to just go buy a new switch today and start there... probably easier than messing with this one trying to get it going.

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If the switch rotates thru a larger angle than it should it could be that the gear on the end of the lock cyl is stripped or the flat "rack" gear in the column that activates the ignition switch is stripped.
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Thats what its doing... either way, replacing the ignition switch and lock cylinder will fix this, right?

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should fix it. Go to a pep boys they have the cylinder for like forty bucks with a set of keys. Real easy to replace. You might want to have the cylinder re-keyed to your key so you would have to visit a lock smith. They charged me 10 dollars to do that. Good luck.

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Sounds like pep boys is smokin crack at those prices. You cna get the lock cylinder at oreillys for $15-20 and the ignition switch should be about $20.
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Remember the difference between the two:
1. Key lock cylinder - uses the key
2. Ignition switch - inside the column

You could always remove the lock cylinder and run the ignition switch with a tool. Turn the cylinder to where you think the 'run' position is, then depress the post/button on the underside of the column and pull it straight out.
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