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If not a turbo ford, then what?!!
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hi, i was wondering what kind of Turbo car you would get in the same price range ( under 3000) if you didnt have your turbo ford, reasons? just curious

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This Nino w/o his Ford? Nu-uh. I was thinking about getting a honduh for a lil while...Due to price constraints until I found my beauty of a TC for 1700...So prolly some lil import job, like an early eclipse...didn't they have turbos?

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I was, gonna go for a 92 IROC daytona, or i was gonna buy a low boost kit for my Suzuki Swift(yes they do make kits that car.)BUt i bought the TC instead.

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ive worked on a few turbo daytona's including a mint one owner carrol shelby edition with all options, i did a timin belt, and one time his waste gate was busted and the boost shot way up and the car was ghost... untill the comp shut her down [Image: smile.gif]

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