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Idle and Acceleration Vibration
atengnr Offline
My 88 TC has vibs in the seat, steering wheel and shifter with engine idling and while accelerating. As compared to old 86 3.8L (years ago), the vibs are much more noticeable. Is this normal for the 2.3L?

My car has 75K miles, could mounts be bad?


Pete D Offline
The 2.3, not having any counterbalance shafts is a little rougher than other engines, a point noted in the 1987 Car of the Year Award from Motor Trend.

Sounds like yours may have other issues. Yes, I'd check the motor mounts, trans mounts
Pete Dunham


atengnr Offline
Engine runs good, etc. Are mounts the only likely cause of these vibs? Is there a quick check for the mounts?

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