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I will make carsisle I guess
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I just got the car green epoxy primered. I havent sprayed the blue bumpers yet and I cant boost it up yet. So look for the green tc with blue bumpers. If you guys think it' too much for the show field let me know and I wont put it on. I do have some nice stuff on the motor and would like to hit the dyno if I can get some silicone hose. Anyway I will be with my friend dave who's car just got hit 2 days ago in a hit and run but it's not that bad and it's a pretty sweet stock 85 tc. I gotta go out and throw the headlights in this thing, everyone hope I make the 350 mile trip safe and I look forward to meeting everyone I didnt meet last year, Duane
t3/t4 ball bearing hybrid spearco intercooler. Ported big valve head, 44pph injectors,motorsport cam and roller followers kirban afpr walbro 255lph fuel pump 65mm tb atrp downpipe extrude honed intakes and a ported e6 atr external wastegate greddy bov prolly some stuff I missed too

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Bring up it the feild, it ss projec tint he works. as TC is a TC, not many aroudn no more,

Brian J Larkin AKA Turbo
1988 Turbo Coupe 5spd
Twilight Blue
boost valve, k&n cone, glasspacks gettto rigged ram air, cracked header panel
Brian Larkin
88TC 330,000 miles
Slightly Modified

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