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i think im loosing it
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Back in the begining of march i picked up a cougar XR7 3.8 supercharged. having a bunch of friends with MN12's and SC i wasnt a stranger to wokring on one.
i got it cheap, got it running and now driving.
i put about 2000 miles on it in 2 months time.
im now always looking for parts for it. trying differnt colors of plastidip on this and that, and just cleaning it up.
i could list what ive done, but thats not the piont of this post.

To get the cougar i agreed to sell one of my other cars. of course it would be my 87 tc i hardly drove. no problem. that sold quickly. as i put it up cheap and it was a clean decent shape driver. so i sold a car for the first time in my life.. i always scrapped them before.

so one TC gone... now my poor 88 has been sitting in the driveway. i drove it to work maybe 3 times since i got the cougar. i walk by it every day. look at it, put my hand on it and keep on going to where i have either my ranger or cougar parked...
i have a few parts in the trunk that need to go on, i need to find a trans that in better shape. but i dont have a desire to.
am i loosing the Turbo Coupe drive i once had???
is this cougar taking up all my time and im neglecting my one true car-love. should i feel dirty im "cheating" with the other forced fed "large ford coupe"
Carlisle is coming up... a month... things need to get done to the TC to make it road trip worthy... will i fix them or last minute decent to bring the new toy..

im lost, very lost. i went to the dark side.. but but the low end torque is ALWAYS there. this SC (super cougar) is different, a good different. my poor TC, Turbo II, just sits... i think if it could be, it would be depressed and shed a tear...

will you guys still like me even tho i have the evil twin of the TC...

i think the supercharger is making me think strangely...
Brian Larkin
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a turbo has several advantages over a supercharger. it's more efficient and it's not locked to engine rpms like a supercharger. the only real disadvantage is the one you mentioned.

you are suffering from "new toyitis". it will pass...
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Brian Leavitt
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Haha the machine gun is great!

Dude, don't get rid of the turbo coupe. You'll get tired of the super cougar. Besides you wife might not like you always refering to something called a "super cougar". Haha, I'm just kidding hope no one is offended.
You could always turbo a V8 if you love the low end torque, that's at least better than not having a turbo coupe. The gas mileage won't be that bad when your not boosting. The SC is also ALWAYS using gas as mentioned based on rpm.
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I am pretty much a Ford guy, but I have never owned nor will I ever own, a vehicle with 3.8 Essex engine. Definitely not one of Fords better engines, IMO.
Jeff Korn

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Don't feel bad, you haven't lost it. You'll be back soon.

Sometimes when you've been with the same one for a long time, and you've spent every free moment together, then along comes something new fresh and interesting, with different curves and interesting details... it's completely normal to feel drawn in another direction, and it's fun for awhile, until you realize that the only reason the new one my is more enticing is because you've made it that way, by neglecting the one that's been there the whole time... watching and waiting for you to return.

The grass isn't greener on the other side, it's greener where you water it most...


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greener where you water it most..
i have watered this tc with money... still looks like a field of weeds.. i did work on it last week, then it all went to s#@t. put new injectors in the TC and two of them were leaking. not fun.
i like driving it, but clutch and trans issues still. cant afford big $$$ correct fixes.
still leaks oil, gonna change my feed line in the next few weeks. hoping that solves it.
just not as much fun, and don't get me started on my half ass'd paint job i did on it 10 years ago... again cuz i went cheap.

ill always love it, but having the cougar is a plus, and its nice to drive that and let the TC sit so i can work on it. i really need a garage to store the TC in, so i can rip it apart.
it will be at carlisle, with its squeaks and leaks.
Brian Larkin
88TC 330,000 miles
Slightly Modified

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But Nate, he hasn't been married that long! :giggle:

Hang in there Brian. It will change when you get to redo the headgaskets.
Pete Dunham


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...Pete... lol

Brian, you just need better water,haha Smile

As for the paint, if the car's not rusting, the paint is doing it's job. Everything else is just time & money, and I understand how nice it is to have other fun modes of transportation.

I split time between the 600rr, the Mazdaspeed, the Aviator, the Comet, and the Bird. The bird's been getting the least attention over the past year, but it's still the most fun for sure.

Me & that car have an arrangement... I can only keep breaking stuff, if I keep fixing stuff, lol.

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i have felt that way for going on 4 years now. except in my case, the 'other woman', is actually a woman, whom i married too, and have two kids with.

you'll come back around.

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