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I pulled a GN
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Last night i got my car running almost perfect, it was pulling very well. I came up side a 86 mint GN, we were talking next to each other ( turbo stuff), I gave him a little taste, and he says that it goes pretty good. We are cruising at about 30 when we both step on the gas and i was pulling away, he started gaining when i hit 4th gear, I think he could have maybe took me on the highway though, It was pretty fun!
Sandlewood beige 88 coupe 93k/ super 60 T3 at 24 pounds/ ATR 3" no cat or tail pipe/ 255lph high pressure pump/ Kirban AFPR at 42/ Spec stg3/ GN FMIC/ 1g DSM BOV/ 14* timing/ disconected KS/ Tri-ax short throw/ Autometer boost,vac and air to fuel/ 140 spedo/ Ford motorsports 5300-c springs/ tubular rear upper cntrl arms.

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