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I'm Back!!!
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Hey Guys! 

I'm back on the scene, after Many years off! (6 i believe)
A quick rewind. Back in 2006, my dad bought me a basket case 84TC. We rebuilt the engine, trans. Some how made it run. Around 2008 i started driving her. 2009 she was painted an awesome two tone, (sign of the times).Daily drove minus winters up until 2011. I bought myself a 5.0 mustang, was bit by the fast bug. And the bird sat more then i drove her. Fast forward a couple years, she was vibrating hard and it just started sitting more and more. I sold the Mustang, parked the tbird. Would run her once and awhile but just not enough. While i couldn't get rid of her, I didn't have much ambition. After a debacle with aftermarket steering pumps, and racks, i had enough. From 2017 on, shes sat next to my garage slowly rotting away. I noticed one day the carpet was wet, and it was very stagnant inside. I peeled the carpet up and put my hand right threw the drivers footbox. At this point after walking around the chassis, there was more floor rot then not. Shes terminal. But, again, i still couldn't part with it.

Fast forward.... 2019 is here. I've got my friday night beers going on, after work. Find a 86' TC, Virginia car, NO RUST. Shes beat, but shes got the potential. So now its time to make a car out of the two this winter. I'm going to be scraping for parts for sure. It's going to be a fun time again. The 84 Drivetrain will go in the 86.  I drove almost 7 hours one way to get her. From south of Buffalo, to Orange County NY ( where the chopper dudes are). I'm tuned up. Can't wait to start helping out around here again. Love my NATO guys! 

-Chris Perry

P.S. I'm sorry if i was the know it all 16 year old of the group back in 06', Time has passed LOL. So, here's what i bring to the table. A Former Ford Tech, turned school bus driver. A Current Dirt Track Mod racer. I've always loved my Fords. My dad had a wealth of knowledge, (hopefully some was passed on to me) as a 33 year Ford Senior Master Cert. Tech.  

the 86 VIN is 1FABP46WIGH178976. Not sure what the original color was yet. Looked to be a pretty loaded car, Prem. Sound, Dual Leather 2 tone powered seats. Blue/Gray interior. Keyless Entry. I'll get a Marti Report to find out more. 

the 84:

the 86:
Chris Perry
1984 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe. Dead, NY rot killed her
1986 Thunderbird shell, swapping parts from the 84.

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Welcome back,

I am new to the forum but not new to Thunderbirds, been around these for about 15 years now. I just picked up an 88 and can't wait to get started on it.

Please share the Marti Report when you get it, I am working on compiling stats from Marti Reports to answer the "how many" questions!

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Welcome back!  I bought an 88 around a year and a half ago.  Cream puff.  Look forward to your project

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