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Last year, after a long hiatus from the TurboCoupe community I finally had time to get back at my 88. Unfortunately, I discovered that the car has greatly deteriorated sitting in an old garage. The under body was just too far gone. After a long search for a replacement I found this 87. It's not perfect but it will do for now. Everything works, including the PRC. Someone did a terrible repaint at some point (including painting the mouldings) and put a red pinstripe on it. I removed the stripe and did a cut and polish and it's not looking too bad. This winter I'm going to freshen up the interior.

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87 Black 5speed, 88 Black 5speed.

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Welcome back, Eric! THe 87 looks pretty good!
Jeff Korn

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Shame you are so far east in Ontario. There is a guy in Minnesota who has three birds and one could likely be used as your donor for the other bird that has deteriorated.
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I love these birds in black............Looks Good!!!
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Welcome back Eric.
Pete Dunham


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That is one sharp looking TC!

Mine is smoke grey—I also (briefly) owned a dark blue one. There’s something about the darker colors on the Turbo Coupe—maybe it’s the body lines or the black trim or the window tinting (or all of these!), but I think they really stand out.
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