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i know this is a stupid question but
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today i desided to clean my air filter, i had the car running without the filter for a few seconds, while it was running i desided to plug the air intake hole. i figured the car would just stall, but it diddent, it sputterd for a second or two then ran fine. is that supost to happen or do i have an intake leak somewhere?
thanks alot
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On the elbow leading from the airbox to the VAM is a hole for a connector to the charcoal canister. I have seen this hole plugged on some cars and open on others. On the cars with it open, the charcoal cannister connects to that hole. Do you have the charcoal cannister connected there? If it is open, that may be just enough air to keep the car running. Not sure, though.

Hope this helps.

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It takes very little air to run an engine at idle. Unless you had it somewhat "tightly" plugged, there may have been enough air flow.

It wouldn't hurt to get a vacuum gauge reading once it's all back together
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