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So I managed to pull the motor out of the parts car and get it to the CG Station (the CO loves me, but the EO likes me more [Image: smile.gif])and take it apart, AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND??? A CHIPPED PISTON!!! I'm almost ready to get with the V8 SHO bearing guys and file a class-action for inferior pistons!!! BTW both were in automatic cars, so I don't think it was the driving. So, who wants to sell me a running motor, or car, anybody???

Michael Pinto

1988 TC white/chacoal - auto, g/f's car (actually runs)
1988 TC med red/red leather, 5-Spd, moonroof, all options, 2 melted cast pistons
1987 TC Mach 1 silver/charcoal, auto, chip in #2 piston
1992 Taurus SHO dk green/silver - 5-Spd, feature car, [email protected], squished nose
1988.5 Escort gold/tan - auto, 3-Dr, blown trans

RIP (5 Jan 03) 1988 TC med red/charcoal - 5-Spd, moonroof, wing, McK kit, all options except leather, [email protected]

Maybe I'll just open a junkyard and walk to work...

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Nobody is going to sentence there car to that kinda torture and death Mike, sorry. [Image: biggrin.gif]

- Turbo Turbo

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Quote: BTW both were in automatic cars, so I don't think it was the driving.

Right! those pistons chipped from detonation at 3:00AM when the car was parked, engine off [Image: biggrin.gif] Absolutely the worst case of preignition on record!!
Pete Dunham


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Soon to be: 85 XR-7 5-Speed

This space for rent.
(Make me an offer)
1984 Mustang SVO

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Just to clarify, both of the auto TC's with chipped pistons I bought broke, I broke the one with 2 MISSING pistons. If you're gonna go, you gotta go big...

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I have 3 brand new pistons, if you need them
1986 Turbo Coupe. Boport StageIII head, Boport 2.1, Performance Techniques 50 trim hybird, StageII.63, stinger 3" exhaust, Phenolic spacer, Boglog header,NPR FMIC intercooler setup, kirban fpr, bigrmotorsports fuel rail, diablo water meth kit, CAI, remote mount TFI, CHE rear adj control arms, MAC girdle, 8.8 rear disc, aluminum drive shaft, H&R lowerings springs Tbird Turbo Specific, y MAS!!

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