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I got a Merkur....But I am not a merkur owner
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Hey most of you know I sold my turbocoupe a little over 6 months ago to try my hand at building up an 85 Toyota Corolla GTS aka AE86 for road racing. The corolla project is still in the works but I could not stand being without a turboford. I made great efforts to find another TC but I ended up being given a nice 1988 Merkur XR4Ti. However, I dont consider myself the typical merkur owner. I just dont think I fall into that mold. I was just wondering "for those of you that know me" If I was to make it to carlisle this year would I still be embraced by my turbocoupe brethren? I really miss everyone like Dan, Pete, Nate and many to list really! I would more than likely show my car over at the merkur section but I think I would rather spend most of my time shooting the breeze over at the NATO tent [Image: smile.gif]

what do you guys think?!?! [Image: smile.gif]

Just wanted to see what you guys think? I am looking at leaving my current job in the parts dept of a Toyota dealership so I dont know how badly this is going to set me getting the merkur ready to take the trip to PA, but we shall see.

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Hey, use our NATO pre-registration form to register, save yourself some money on registration, and we will embrace you even That way, when you come to visit us, you'll have a nice tent to sit under. We accept all types of Ford vehicles during pre-registration (even ones that don't exist sometimes).
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See ya there. You're always welcome. Bring the video camera as I hope to actually get a good run on the dyno this year.

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TC ownership is in your blood...even if you have a Merkur !

Besides, if you show up it we can have an Adam and Eaves party... Pete can bring the apples ! [Image: rolleyes.gif]
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Adam, Where you been hiding? Hey, dont get you guibo out of joint [Image: biggrin.gif], Just come and join us for a good time.
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as long as its a ford dont think people put people down on this board because we arn't purist I know some people have or have had other turbo fords the wife drives a merkur and I have a svo wating for restoration we dont eaven kick them too hard when they have belly button cars

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