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hydraulic clutch pretty tough to press down? 88 TC
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Ive been driving it like this all year but im pretty sure my buddies SVO had a easier clutch pedal to push in...and thats cable. I know im not that weak lol. Im wondering what would cause a semi hard to push in hydraulic clutch pedal? Its either a stock clutch or maybe some duralast clutch who knows what PO did.
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might be the bearing retainer. they're aluminum and can get galled up over time, especially if they have never been lubed and/or the release bearing is worn out...

...or, PO could have installed stiffer pressure plate. the clutch disc itself has no effect on pedal effort.
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I've used stage II pressure plates with little or no increase in pedal resistance. Don't know about anything heavier. I agree on the bearing retainer idea as a very possible cause.
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