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How to turn boost up
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I am getting ready to replace my IHI turbo with a garret T-3. I have an 87tc and will it fit right or do I need to buy something extra. I been reading these boards and people talk about turning the boost up. How do I do it? Do I need a gillis?

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Not to be an ass, but if you have to ask after being around for 100-and-some-odd posts...

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make sure you get a T-3 from an SVO, or else get one rebuilt so it has the SVO-style compressor housing

how do you plan to feed the intercooler?

Gillis valve is your friend!

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I have a garret T3 on an 84 t-bird that I will be adding an 88 intercooler to and I was wondering if it is possible to turn up the boost with a stock setup?

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Deadlyfoe, try at your own risk.

Thats actually not how it works. On the compressor, there is a "T" with one
side going to the wastegate and the other side feeding the BCS. The other side of the BCS goes to the turbo inlet. When the BCS is activated, is bleeds signal away from the wastegate and back into the inlet and raises
the boost. If you bypass the BCS with a butt splice, you have a full time bleed.
The 12 gauge connector bleeds enough to raise the boost to 15 psi.

Note, this may give more than 15 psi boost. using a blue butt spice reportedly will give around 17 psi. I never tried this so you are on your own. Or more prudently, buy a Gillis valve
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Ive been playing with the IHI on my 87 motor and got 15 psi by bypassing the bcs completly. I went to Petsmart and bought an air control valve for a fish tank. It keeps boost in the 10-12 range with the BCS missing. I wasnt to thrilled about not having any way to limit boost. I want to go with a .60/.63 T3 in the near future as I have one thats water cooled as well as one thats not. I planned on using them on a twin turbo kit for my GT.
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I have done what pete is describing. I have never gotten more than 18 psi on the gauge (but how accurate is that gauge), but my overboost buzzer has gone off a few times.
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wrong screen

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I was looking and my car doesnt have a BCS
There is no T connector there is just a single vacumm line that goes to the wastegate.

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