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How to check spring Pressure
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How Valve springs are checked

I had to check the valve springs for a 4G63T

This is a simple process. But a specialized piece of equipment is needed.

I use a Rimac spring tester with a 300lbs scale.

The first thing to do is set the stop to the correct height.
The spec used is 66lbs @ 1.575
I find that a venier caliper is more accurate than the built in scale.
[Image: DSCF3967.jpg]

Place the spring to be tested in the spring tester

[Image: DSCF3966.jpg]

Compress the spring to the pre set height and read the pressure.

[Image: DSCF3968.jpg]

It is a quick and simple way to have your valve springs checked to make sure they are in good serviceable shape.

Low spring tensions can lead to a lazy rev of your engine and also valve float.

Most of the valve springs I tested I found to be well out of a usable spec.
Most springs I tested fell in the range of 40-55lbs @1.575
Most spring manufactures allow for 10% loss of spring pressure for spring break in.
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this is good information, thanks!

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