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how to build an oil return line
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this might be helpful on the sundays you decide to swap turbos and you destroy your oil return....

take the old flange off the rest of the return line...
tap it to 3/8NPT

go to a parts store with a good fitting slection, NAPA seems the best for this,

get a 5/8 male flair with 5/8 barbed fitting

get a late 70's intake hose fitting, 3/8NPT with a 5/8 hose clamp end, best if it is the one on a 45* NAPA part # 660-1548

1 foot of hi-temp silicon hose

(1) 5/8 hose clamp

the 5/8 male flair fitting will screw into the adapter brass block

the heater hose fitting will screwinto the flange of the old return line,if it comes through the other side, just gring,file flat the protruding part.

now push the hose on the barbed 5/8 flair fitting, cut the hose about 6 inches,and test fit the flange to the turbo,if it bends/twish without a kink, hose clamp it and install the gasket.

if a kink is there trim the hose to remove the kink

I will call this is a tempory fix.....Due to the reason of underhood temps,and the slection of hose you use.
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