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How is this for intercooler tubing?
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I was at Lowe's the other day in the electrical section and I noticed some really nice looking 2" conduit. An then I go to thinking as this stuff looks as though it may be just a tiny bit thicker than exhaust pipe like I had planned on running. There are all kinds of different pieces that can be welded together, and with the addition of a couple of rubber reducers, I think that I can get it to work. I just need some input on this before I beg for money from the war dept.

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Will it be large enough id to work? Pressure shouldn't be an issue.
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What about looking on Ebay for intercooler plumbing? I found some for 60 bucks, boots and clamps included.
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It is thicker than exhaust pipe and they should have 3 inch also.
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do you want "thicker" tubing for some reason ?

exhaust pipe does come in varying thicknesses also ..

I was able to piece my IC tubing together using exh pipe from my local mechanics scrap pile - cost Zero

I used 2.25" exh pipe ; if ya clean it good and paint it, looks pretty decent

polished aluminum or SS doesnt add any power Wink
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