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Hey guys,
Ever since i bought my 88 turbo coupe, it has had a skipping problem. i have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars to mechanics to try and get it fixed. after replacing the whole ignition system, a new computer, multiple tune ups, and plenty of F-bombs, i gave up. this summer i bought another car so i didn't think i'd be able to afford to pay off the new car, and spend more money trying to fix the skipping on the turbo coupe. anyway, my younger brother just bought a Grand National, and it ends up that it has a very similar skip in it that he wasn't able to figure out either. someone then told him to try disconnecting the cam sensor while the car was on and then driving it around seeing if it still skipped. the car stopped skipping with the cam sensor unplugged. Because his skip was identical to mine, i'm wondering if I had the same problem. this weekend i'm going up to new hampshire where i have the car stored and i'm going to see if disconnecting the sensor will fix my car as well. have any of u guys had this problem too where the cam sensor being unplugged has fixed it? if so, where would i go from there, knowing that the disconnected sensor fixes the problem?

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Our cars don't have a cam sensor.

If you are talking an occassional skip or stumble at idle, that's pretty normal.

Tell us more about it.
Pete Dunham


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Sounds like the problem we had with my Fathers 84 Fila.. How's your fuel pressure?
We ended up replacing the in tank pump on that car.. Is it throwing any codes?
Scott Schering

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