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Hooking up the turbo, wastegate, boost controller
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I have this Frankenstein project breathing. 

I have hooked a hose from the outlet port on the turbo, (pressure source) to the inlet of the manual boost controller.

Secondly, I hooked a hose from the outlet of the boost controller to the port nearest the exhaust header on a Turbosmart wastegate. One diagram showed the port farthest from the exhaust left open to the atmosphere. Other diagrams showed it differently.

Am a I correct so far?

And at what point should I insert a T fitting that would go to a boost gauge?

Thanks to all.

The pickup with the 85 Turbobird 2.3 in it, runs good until I accelerate quickly and then it pops a bit. Tests showed my throttle position sensor giving way too low voltages. Ordered a new one.

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I would attach photos but have no luck in getting them to work. Old guy...

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I hooked my boost gauge from a port right off of the vacuum tree on the firewall. Any point that is going to have vacuum and boost to it will work for a gauge.
As for your wastegate, an easy way to ops check it is with a bicycle air pump. I had some different hose adapters that came with my bike pump, I hooked it to a hose going to the wastegate and added pressure to it. You should see the wastegate open from the pressure. If one hookup doesn't work, try the other port. If you don't have a bike pump, you can also use your air compressor, but turn the regulator way down to like 20psi. You don't want to blow out the diaphragm in the gate. What type of boost controller are you using?
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