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Hood under fabric needed?
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Hey i have a underfabric (the black fabric that is spose to prtect the paint from the engine, that attaches to the hood) from a hood that came off a v6 (no hood scoops).

and i bought a 88 turbo hood with the vents and was wondering if i really needed to put the fabric on the new hood? will it fit correct?

i just painted it and i dont want to hurt the paint

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The factory hood liner is intended to lower engine noise, and keep heat in the engine bay. I am not sure how well it does either, but I have seen cars without it (non TC) that "appeared" to have the paint on the hood damaged from the heat of the turbo... Not concrete evidence, but enough to make me not want to take mine out...
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If the turbo is getting so hot it scorches the paint on the underside of the hood on a 87-88 or any TC, there is a SERIOUS problem... All the vac hoses and wiring that are on the passenger side of the engine compartment would be melted, not to mention the paint on the strut tower...
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That "appeared" damage to the paint on the hood ain't from heat it's just good old 80's clearcoat peel that all cars from the 80's had.
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does anyone have a picture of theirs?

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There are prior posts on this subject.

Here's info on a generic product for making you r own
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I replaced my insulation with a new pad as the one in the Classique Cars site, it worked great, don't forget to buy new clips-the ones that come off the old pad are pretty brittle. Dave
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I got oil splashed on mine awhile back(always remember your oil tube) eventully leading to me removing mine.

No problems, boosting like a mad man I never remember the hood heating up that much at all. But with the paint I wouldn't know for my hood just had black primer on if that makes a diffrence :confused:

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try this place for custom made ones....
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