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Hood scoop crazy talk...
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OK, many people have added the 87-88 hood to the 83-86 Birds and Cougars so they can have the ‘look’ and/or the functionality of the air ducts bringing air to an added factory intercooler.

I have the intercooler and associated brackets etc to install one on my 86 T-bird but I want to try something a little different from the typical 87-88 hood install.

I like the look of 79-83ish forward facing Mustang hood scoops. They came on turbo Mustangs and early GT’s. The turbo ones even have ‘turbo’ badges on the sides.

I have access to a spare 86 hood so I would not be cutting up my original hood, I could just store that. What do you think of cutting up the spare hood over the side of the intercooler that would be covered by the scoop and adding a deflector inside the scoop to direct air over to the intercooler ?

Here’s what the scoop looks like:

And here’s the incredible drawing I made to illustrate this plan:

Is this a crazy idea that would be mocked ? or is it the unique and brilliant plan I think it is ? Big Grin What do you think~
Kev Schofield
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The beauty part of this country is that we are who we are because people have a nack to constantly improve upon things. I watch the History channel and it amazes me how people just keep on inventing and improveing things. I say give it a try and if you like it, so be it. If you don't then re-do it.

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I always loved the hood scoop used on the 79 Capri/Mustang turbo. I think you ought to go for it.
Pete Dunham


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Here is a link to a turbocoupe with the hood scoop you are referring to, but the guy just grafted the scoop over the stock hood. I think it looks very nice!
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Kev, I think that site belongs or used to belong to Erik C. He was around when NATO was first stated but I haven't heard from or seen him anywhere in years. Maybe JT knows where he is as it appears JT built his web page.
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The hood on my Capri is "sort of" set up this way. I dont have a clear picture, but this shows the scoop from the outside. In a few weeks I can get some better pictures if interested.

The underside of the hood has a piece of sheet metal welded under the scoop, and it has one hole cut out above the intercooler, and actually has a SVO intercooler seal around the hole. I wont be using this set up, but it could work Wink

As another option, I also know a guy that has a mold made from an original SVO hood scoop. He would be able to make copies of that scoop, with a flange that could be glased into a flat glass or steel hood.

Bob Myers

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Thats a cool idea. You can also use a Turbo 280Z scoop that is perfect size right over the intercooler. Actually I was thinking of taking two of them and mounting them right over the two holes in the 87-88 hood. It would give it that dual snorkel look, plus it would definetly force in more air.
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