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Hood Protector
Chris Ruhl Offline
See that tan and black TC at the far left at the top of the page. Is that a hood protector on it. If it is, where did they get it from and how much? Thanks.

Pete D Offline
The Car you are referring to is Les', [email protected]
I just got one that hasn't been on the car yet. It was made by Saddleman, Inc. 80 W. 900 S, P.O. Box 3656, Logan, Utah 84323, 800-950-9502. This one is used and was given to me so I don't know where it was purchased. The box says for 83-88 Tbirds and Cougars.
P/N is 45339-01

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manifolds, polished and cc'd chambers, A-230 cam, Race Engineering Adj Cam Sprocket, Crowlers, ARP head studs, Walbro 190 pump and T-3 for starters. KB subs
and jack rails.
Pete Dunham


methos Offline
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on Les' car he told me that it was just dark grey primer put on there and then he just threw a coat of clear coat on it for the show

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Jason Schaffer
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Mods: 3.73 Gears
Finally getting it back together.

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Yeah, looks much better than I thought it would. It looks awesome from a distance or in pics.
Les T.
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Thanks for the info.

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