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Hood hinges
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Does anyone else's hood not sit flush in the back unless you push down on the hood?I bought new hinges but that did not fix it.Am I just adjusting them wrong?TIA!
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You have to really work with them. It takes time and patients. Each hinge can be adjusted up and down and tilted front and back and then you have the hood to the hinge adjustment. When you shut the hood make sure you let it drop from 6-7 inches and the back will seat better. I also removed my latch so I could make the adjustments to the hinges and the front supports.
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Here's a trick I learned to get the rear of the hood to sit down better.. takes 2 people because you need someone to keep pressure on the hood while its open..

Open the hood all the way and while someone keeps pressure on it (like they are trying to open it even further than all the way) loosen both bolts on the hinge where it attaches to the inner fender you loosen them the hinge will move into a new position due to the pressure of the hood trying to be opened further.. Tighten the bolts in that new position and slowly close the hood.. The rear 'should' tuck down nice and sit level with the fenders in the back.

If it goes too low, you can just loosen the rear most bolt and raise that part of the hinge enough to make it flush~
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