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hood hinge replacment 87 tbird
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I'm planning on going to hit the local junk yards in the upcoming holiday weekend. I'm looking for a right side hood hinge and was wondering how hard is it to get to the inside bolt under the fender?

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All the hood hinge bolts are accessible from the outside of the fender, one is just hidden behind the black rubber weatherstripping block that sits in front of the hinge braket. Remove that, and you will see the only hidden bolt holding on the hinge.

The bolt inside the Fender is holding the fender on. Easiest way to get to it, is through the door jamb, using a long extension on the end of your ratchet. First you have to remove the filler piece behind the door hinges that is blocking access to the inside of the fender. Once that is out, you will have to hold the door at the exact angle to be able to slip your extension through the middle of the top door hinge, and straight onto the bolt to remove it. Worst bolt to remove on the entire front end, the rest are easy.
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