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holy frickin codes
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I put my car on the NGS today and holy $#@! there are 7 codes in my computer. I can see maybe 1 or 2 from the mods but jeez. any help? i have a couple of things goin on though. like first i have a blow off valve not a recycling just a regular vent to the air (I love the sound) so i believe one is for a o2 sensor rich condition. and also i have a manual boost controller and i disconnected the BCS but have now put it back on to see if the boost code goes away. Here are the codes i have 28,54,81,10 (which is just a separator code,27,42,54,and 72. i know what the codes represent according to alldata but i had this car connected to the NGS earlier last year and there was only 1 code for the rich o2 what happened? can anyone help minpoint these problems?

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code 28 - VAT out of range - was it 50*F or lower when you ran the test?

42 EGO read rich

54 - ACT voltage too high, if KOEO.

72 -

81 - BCS disconnected electrically

Code 27:
Pete Dunham


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Here is what I come up with for the codes:

28 - VAT sensor - signal voltage out of Self-Test specification, or Electronic Distributorless Ignition System fault-failure in coil 3 primary circuit, or Distributorless Ignition fault- loss of right side TACH signal

54 - ACT sensor or VAT sensor signal voltage is too high

81 - TAD or AM-2 solenoid circuit failure, or Flectro-Drive fan circuit failure, or IAC valve circuit failure, or Boost solenoid circuit failure, or Supercharger Bypass Solenoid circuit failure

27 - Vehicle speed sensor signal voltage is too low, or Electronic Distributorless Ignition system failure in coil 2 primary circuit

42 - EGO voltage signal always rich (high value)

72 - Insufficient manifold vacuum change detected during Dynamic Response portion of engine Run Self-Test, or Problem with message Center Control Assembly failure in Data Communications Link, or Power interrupt detected

I think you have just as many as I did when I first started my project. The guys on here should get you straight. Hope I helped and good luck

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