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HIH turbo
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is it just me or is the HIH kinda falls on it face went you get in the higher rpm zone and i am not running high grade gas yet so i dident test the switch for 15 pounds of boost yet does the switch fix that problem???
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It's an IHI turbo. It's a small turbo and runs out of steam in the higher RPMs regardless where the boost is set.
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You will get more power though if you flip the switch Smile

Just make sure you put in higher grade gas.

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I know you can run 17 PSI pretty easy with a gillis and Timing to 12-14 deg. Just run 93 octane and keep the switch in premium and you can get more HP out of that little IHI turbo. Just make sure everything is in tip top running order before you go messin around for more HP. Also be sure to listen for detonation (ping/knock) because every engine is not in the same condition. If you hear it back of a little on the boost or adjust timing accordingly.
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