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High vs Low Impedence
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I understand that all TC's were equipped with low-impedence injectors, but a recent acquisition has made me the owner of four 440cc high-impedence injectors. I was told by the previous owner that they functioned just fine in his otherwise stock turbocoupe. Of course, it was also implied that they were 42pph low-impedence injectors, but that's another story...

So can anybody tell me the exact different between low and high impedence injectors in terms of how they function? Would installing a high-impedence injector in a car equipped with a computer calibrated for low-impedenec injectors cause any problems, or vice-versa?

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Low impedence injectors are known as "peak and hold" type. High impedence are known as "saturated" type. There can be problems when trying to use one for the other. Rather than me trying to explain it, check out this link.

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