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Hi everyone I have a question about VIN
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Has anyone found a way to pencil trace the VIN on top of the dash by windshield? I have to get a dupe title,mine disappeared,and that's what the Dept of Trans. wants anyway..Anyway I'm having a hell of a time trying to trace it with a pencil.Is there anywhere else on the car that has raised lettering.Door jamb/trunk are flat stickers,so that is no good to me.Only other way they will accept,is if a mechanic were to look at it and verify it.Well the car is not running so thats not an option.I tried about 12 ways so far with no luck of a good trace.

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What about carbon duplicate register receipt paper pressed into place on the vin tag, then you just need light pressure from anything that will reach in order to produce a decent transfer... might work?

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OOOOO-Boy hate to say it but maybe pull the windshield out, do the trace and then back in, most window shops can do it for 50 bucks . just my 10cents worth . D.Wilder

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Go to your local garage (PA Inspection Station), ask the owner if someone can come to your place to verify the VIN for PA DOT. It will cost you a few dollars, but that will be the least expensive and time efficient way to accomplish the task. If the garage doesn't have the form, get it from your local messenger service. All it takes is the licensed inspector to fill out the form and then you take it to PA DOT.
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Or move to Texas and don't worry about it! lol
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The following will help none. That seems like a odd way to "verify" the vin. Most states have a state police do a vin inspection. It is not hard at all to fake a vin plate. But to fake the plate and the rivets?

Call you local state police post and ask them if they have any suggestions.
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